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Owner: Leigh Drennan
Ex Bob Blacklaw Sprintcar NSW 78
360cc fuel injected Chev
Gambler - low bar
4 Bar
NSW#1 in 1983. Legend of Australian speedway. Original car & livery.
Owner: Dale Roberson
Ex Steve Robinson Compact Speedcar
A14 Nissan
Coil Over
Owner: John Oldham
Ex David Barratt TQ NSW #25
Triumph 650 Twin
Box Frame. Built in 1967 by David Parratt
Cross spring front, Coil over rear
Raced at Sydney Showground, Liverpool & Windsor from 1967-72
Owner: Rob Steep
Ex 'Ron Eager' Speedcar Q20
138ci Grey Holden
Tube chassis
Transverse Leaf Front & Rear
1 of 3 speedcars built in 1966 by Rob Eager, Peter Dykes & Roy Pratt
Owner: The Cox Family
Ex Kevin Cox Midget "Miss Bardahl" NSW #9
Don Edmunds
Torsion bar
Other drivers - Sid Hopping, Ron Mackay, Keith Hutton & Glenn Cox
Owner: Phil Crompton
Nissan A15
Gerhardt chassis
Jones quick change
Owner : Wilson Boyd
Speedcar #75
Ford Pinto
Cross-bar front and rear
Owner : Roger Jenkin
Ex Bob McMillan Speedcar Qld #96
4 Bar
Owner : Ian Kurz
Ex Ina Saville Speedcar NSW #7
Auto Craft
Ray Allarch
Coil Over
Owner : Ian Young
Ex Nev Brennan and raced by Danny Davidson Speedcar Qld #86
Alfa Romeo
4 Bar
Owner : Bob & Norm Boast
Built by Bob and Norm 50+ years ago. Raced at the EKKA and has always been owned by Bob & Norm. TQ Qld #8
Harley Davidson
Boast Special
Cross Spring
Owner: Mal Jocumson
Ex Brereton Holden Speedcar Qld #69
Grey Holden
Kurtis style
Cross Spring
Owner : Geoff Rutledge
Speedcar Qld #57 - Gaythorne Motors Holden
Kurtis copy
Cross Spring
Owner : David Goode
Ex Col McMahon Speedcar Qld #66
Cosworth BDP
Gardiner Hombre
4 Bar
Owner : Roger Jenkin
Ex Aub Cherry, Johnny Stewart Speedcar Aust #1
Fuel Injected Holden
Kurtis Kraft
Cross spring front & torsion bar rear
Owner : Kel Young
Built by Gardineering Engineering in 1977. Fitted with Sesco, VW and then Alfa. Restored in 2002.  Speedcar NT #50
Alfa Romeo
Gardiner Engineering
Coil Over
Owner : Ray Schilling
Speedcar #3
Terry Holland Special
Coil over front & cross torsion rear

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Owner : John Witt
Built in the 1970s for Nev Brennan and raced by Danny Davidson. Speedcar Qld #86
4 Bar
Owner : Andy Warwick
Ex Morton & May Special from Sydney Speedcar NSW #24
Repco Holden
Kurtis tube type
Cross Springs
Owner : Alan Fenn
An ex-Sydney car purchased and raced by Syd Stanbury. Winner of a North Queensland Championship. Compact Speedcar Qld #51
Space Frame
4 Bar
Owner : Leigh Drennan
Speedcar Qld #60
Fuel Injected Holden
Don Edmunds style
Cross Spring front and Torsion Bar rear
Owner : Des Warrington
Speedcar NZ15
Ray Allarch
4 Bar
Owner : Bob & Norm Boast
Ex Syd Stanbury Compact Speedcar Qld #72 Kawaski
Space frame
4 Bar
Owner : David Goode
Raced in Brisbane / Rockhampton / Townsville Driven in Brisbane by Robin Hilder Speedcar Qld #23
Alfa Romero
4 Bar
Owner : John Wright
Raced by Max Fuller around Bundaberg area. Restored by John Wright Gnat #38
Fuller Special
Coil Over
Owner : Jenkin Family
ex Aaron Willis USA Speedcar USA #5
Scat 144ci
Edmunds USA
4 Bar
Owner : Gary and Terry White
Reproduction of Jimmy Sills Sprint Car Qld #96
Chev V8
Cross-spring front & Cross-bar rear
Owner : Ian Young
Ex Walt Sweitzer, Bob Twitty. USA. Restored by Arlen Kurtis, 1986 Speedcar USA#5
Kurtis Kraft   No.104 USA
Parallel torsion bars, Front & Rear.
Owner : Bob Morgan
Ex Allen Belcher Speedcar Q2
Grey Holden
Cross-spring front & rear
Owner : John Bennett
Compact Speedcar Vic58
4 bar
Owner : Charlie & Mary-Rose Vella
Late 1960's Edmunds
Datsun motor
US Mfg midget space-frame
4 bar
Possible former driver George Ito.
Owner: Ken & John Guimelli
ex Wal Tedman. 3rd place, Qld Championship 1957 Speedcar Q9
Grey Holden
Kurtis copy
Cross-spring front & parallel bar rear
Owner : Bob & Norm Boast
Raced by Ian Boswell, Maryborough Qld Litre Sprint.  #M47
Space-frame  Special
4 bar
Owner : Gary White
ex Adrian Maher (NSW) speedcar. As raced by Gary White in 1990s
2.8lt Mitsubishi
1992 Beast (USA)
4 Bar
Owner : John Keane
1970 Jawa
500cc. Jawa
Jawa factory
Owner : Rod McMahon
Ex Stroud / Tattersall USA 2; Des Kelly Q 11; Johnny Stewart  Aust 1.
(Dee Tattersall iseated in car in 2002) Speedcar USA #2
Cross spring front,  Cross-bar rear
Owner : Ray Schilling
Ex Robin Hewitt Speedcar # SA8
F/Inj. 149c.i. Holden
Edmunds copy
Cross spring ( front) Cross bar (rear)
Owner : Bob Morgan
ex Don Kischell USA. Raced by Johnny Tolan USA 29, Bob Tattersall USA 12, Blair Shepherd & Bob Morgan Qld 1 & Aust 1.
Kurtis  USA
Cross spring (front) Cross bar (rear)
Owner : Ray Andrieaux
Raced by Geoff Grocott, Garry Innes & Ray Andrieaux.
Last raced 1978. Sidecar
F/Inj Vincent HRD
Built 1960s by Geoff Grocott
Owner : John Keane
1986 Speedway Solo
Owner : Leigh Drennan
Sprint car #3
Fuel / Injected Chevy V8
Cross bar front / Torsion bar rear
Owner : Jeff White
Ex Scott David Sprintcar #76
350ci Fuel Inj Chev
1982 Gambler
4 Bar
Owner : Graham Fidler
Ex Graham Fidler (Restoration near completion) 3/4 Midget  TQ 13.
Chance Triumph Thunderbird
Fidler /  King  Chassis.
Cross- Spring, front & rear
Owner : Cyril Robinson
Ex Alan Marshall Speedcar  NSW 26
Rail chassis
Cross-spring front & rear
Owner : Cyril Robinson
Ex Sid Middlemass Speedcar  NSW 54
Fuel / Inj  Repco- Volvo
Wells Bros
Spring front & torsion-bar rear
Owner : Russell Baker
Raced by Gary McLenehan, Dave Mc Kitterick, Ray Platt, 3rd placing Vic State Champ with Lew Marshall Speedcar, Morton & May NSW #23
F/Inj Vauxhall Vagabond
Constructed by Ron Ward
Cross-spring front and rear
Owner : Michael Drought
Raced by Ray Allach NZ35 at Western Springs, Auckland, NZ.
Built by Ray Allach, NZ
F/Inj. Chevy 2
Four Bar
Owner : Greg Kentwell
ex Danny McKnight  USA Speedcar #5
F/Inj Mitsubishi
4 bar
Owner : Robert Rowe
Speedcar USA 42
Owned & raced by Alan Kosecki, Michigan, USA
F/I Chevy 2
Built early 1960's
Halibrand rear
Coil over shocks
Chassis unknown
Owner : Graham Fidler
x Eric Leider Racing, USA Speedcar #26jr USA
Twin Carb V8/60.
Arlen Kurtis Kit
Spring front & parallel torsion bar rear
Owner : Gorden Nelson
Ex Alan Smith Speedcar Vic99
Fuel Inj.  Chevy 2
Built by John Sidney
4 bar
Owner : Ian & Bryce Kennedy
Ex Bryce Kennedy Compact Aust #53
Built by Glen Dobbin
Coil-over front & cross torsion-bar rear
Owner : Terry White
Reconstuction based on ex Dud Lambert SA5 Speedcar #3
Fuel Inj. VW
4 x bar

Owner : Colin Barr
3/4 midget NSW30 Raced and restored by Colin Barr
Cross-spring front and rear
Owner : Lionel Elfverson
Speedcar and Litre Sprint NT9 last raced 1995
FI Datsun A14
Four Bar
Owner : Barry Skimmings
ex Ray Ballieu Q7 Sprintcar Q7
F/Inj Chev V8
Cross-bar rear & Cross-spring front
Owner : Bob Baker
Ex Bill Goode Q5. Restored by Brian Darby VSA of NSW. Speedcar Q5
Local build for Bill Goode
Cross-spring front & torsion bar rear
Owner : Ken Davey
Ex Johnny Mack Speedcar
F/Inj Mitsubishi
Wayne Pearce
1995 McEvoy high-bar
Owner : Gordon Nelson
ex Ivor kay Special restored by Gordon Nelson Speedcar NSW18
Tube frame (Kurtis copy)
Dual-carb, Grey Holden
Cross-spring front & rear
Owner : Gordon Nelson
ex Higgins Bros, as raced by Gary Rush Speedcar NSW30
Repco High-Power Holden
Kurtis copy
Cross-spring front, torsion-bar rear
Owner : Jim McKittrick (Brother of 1960s racer Dave McKittrick)
Raced at Toowoomba Qld, Archerfield Qld & Grafton NSW Ltd Sprintcar
Red Holden
4 bar
Owner: Norm Jackson
ex Ed Lowther Racing USA Speedcar USA88
110cu Offy #227
1948 Kurtis Kraft #233
Cross-spring (front)  Parallel bars (rear)
Owner : John Sluce
Incomplete. Bought by Doug Van Gelder in 1985 for parts.
Fuel/ Inj  Pinto
Tube Frame
Cross-spring front, parallel bar rear
Owner : Gordon Nelson
ex Higgins Bros. As raced by Barry Butterworth Speedcar NSW30
F/Inj Chevy 2
4 Bar
Owner : Phil Crompton
Ex Danny Frye Racing Equipt. USA Drivers: Arnie Knepper,
Ken Schrader Speedcar USA1
VW type 4
Edmunds USA
4 Bar
Owner : Leo Monahan
Built in 1960's. Never raced. Near completion. Speedcar
Grey Holden (3 Carbs)
Tube frame.
Cross spring front & Parallel Bar rear
Owner : Norm Jackson
Ex Ken Hickey, Lloyd Christopher Bowes Special, ex Frank Delray,
ex Tony Foyt snr, Roy Nacewicz Bowes Special  midget USA#9
110cu Offy #270
1946 Kurtis Kraft #109
Cross spring front & Parallel Bar rear
Owner : Norm Jackson
ex Spooner Special, Doug Donnelly Holden driven by Johnny Stewart, Lew Marshall, Jack Bissaker & Carl Jeffries. Speedcar #50
Rail Chassis
Transverse spring front and rear, a model diff
Owner : Peter McCauley
Re-production of 1970s speedcar
Gardner chassis
Owner : Jeff Lucas
Ex Arthur Sollitt  Speedcar Q6
Fuel/Inj Mitsubishi
Gardner chassis
4 bar
Owner : Barry Wohlsen
ex Garry Pollock (1990 National Champ) & Robin Hilder Compact Speedcar Q3
Fuel/Inj Toyota Corolla
Wayne Pearce chassis
4 Bar
Owner : Leo Monahan
Speedcar SA28 Raced at Rowley Park SA. Drivers included Len Golding
V/twin (Harley crank, Norton Barrels, Modified VW heads)
Ron Ward chassis
Cross-spring front & rear
Owner : Neil Bolan
Compact Speedcar FNQ4
Owner : John Wright
Re-production 1970s style speedcar. Commenced 2007
JW tube chassi.
2.litre Twin cam Toyota. (ex Works Rally Engine)
Coil-over (front) Cross-bar (rear).
Owner: Paul Sluce
Ex Paul Sluce Formula 500  #93
Yamaha YZS600
Built by Gavin Casey 1990
Coil-over front & torsion bar rear
Owner: Syd & Ruth Stanbury
Penrite Oil promotional car Speedcar #14
F/Inj Datsun
Tube frame
Cross-spring front & cross-bar rear
Owner: Jerry Brown USA
Ex Gary Staggers, Dave Strickland Jnr, Randy Roberts & Steve Troxell Midget (USA)
Fuel/ Inj Autocraft
Racecraft Eng early 1970’s
4 bar
Owner: Bruce & Margaret Bool
Re-Production of 1960s Edmunds. Completed 2012.
Gerhardt chassis
4 bar
Owner: Syd Stanbury
2.6 Litre Mitsubishi
1982 Wayne Pierce mid bar
Owner: Col Barr
Ex Skip Jackson Compact Speedcar #97
A14 Datsun
Jackson chassis
4 bar
Owner: Leo Monahan
Ex Leo Monahan 1970s Super Modified
Red Holden
Leo Monahan chassis

Owner: Jeff White & Donna Ryan
Ex AJ Johnson Speedcar USA#81
Fuel-Injected Datsun 1800
1988 Challenger (ex USA)
4 bar
Raced in 1994 Chili Bowl (USA) with Fontana Motor.
Restored by White Family Racing & Brisbane Foundry
Owner: Brian Forrest
Ex Dud Lambert Speedcar SA #50
Type 4 VW 2200cc
Murphy chassis
Four Bar
Car had three different engines: Type 4 VW 2200cc, VW 1700cc Supercharged and VW 1800cc Supercharged
Owner: Greg Taffe
327 Chevy
Owner: Lloyd Robertson
Indy Roadster replica of 'Ol Calhoun - 1963 Indy 500winner driven by Parnelli Jones
350 Chevy
Watson chassis
Torsion Bar
Motorsport Accessories
Rage Race & General Engineering
Thermal edge Coating
Deception Bay Self Storage
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Gold Coast Elecroplating
Gadenne Motor Trimmimg
The Chassis Man
Owner: Tony Dale
Built by Trostle Racing, USA.
Tony owns 3 of the 4 cars in the photos, the other car destroyed.
Raced in Australia 1979 - 1980 by Steve Kinser, Doug Wolfgang,
Larry Burton and Jimmy Sills. 

Owners: Rhonda & Kevin Gilkison
Built by Kevin Cox (Cox Chassis)
Powered by Oldsmobile Quad 4 16V DOHC
Car was never raced.
Has been driven by Kevin Gilkison & Barry Graham.
Owner: Paul Fullagar
1960 era car driven by Bryan Cunneen.
Powered by Holden side plate engine, cross spring front axel, torsion bar rear end.
Owner: Helen & Ross Benge
Genuine 1977 Edmunds VW. (USA import )
Painted in the Sheraton Thompson livery as received. 
No racing history .
Very tidy little Edmunds car.
Owners: Helen & Ross Benge
USA#3 - Danny Smith
1983 Gambler originally owned by Dennis Farr and very successfully driven by Danny Smith and Dennis Farr.
Winner of many top card events.
Owner: Helen & Ross Benge
Sherburn Holden #99
Built in 1956 and successfully campaigned by Ray Feckner in the late 50’s and by Barry Sherburn during 60’s and 70’s.
Was Victoria #1 in 1964 when pedalled by Ray Feckner and multiple times track champion at Redline with Barry at the wheel.
Owner: Jerry Brown
1983 Nance.
Originally owned by Rod Nevan and driven by Danny Smith (USA), Garry Rush (NSW) & Ian sams (NSW).
Purchased and raced from 1990 by Jerry Brown.
Restored using 100% original parts.
Owner: Shane & Karen Genn
Litre Sprint
Murphy Chassis
Toyota 1600 twin cam 4AGE
Elf Lubricants - Phil Mutton (07) 3269 1427
Batside Powder Coating
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Owner: The Vella Family
USA60 Don Lemke
1979/80 Stanton Speedcar Chassis
Powered by Fuel Injected Datsun
Raced by Don Lemke with the Texas Midget Racing Assn and later raced at Amarillo Texas.
Came to Australia in 2008

Owner: Tom Chandler
JSR (John Sidney Racing) Chassis
As raced by Max Dumesny
More information to be advised.
Owner: Graham Hook
1983 Gambler Chassis
Chev powered
Suspension cross torsion bars front and rear
Owner: Graham Hook
Compact Speedcar
1985 Hombre
Coil over front cross torsions rear
Engine GSA 1000
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Dover & Sons - 0429 120 859
Owner: John Campbell
Speedcar NQ2
Toyota 18RG Fuel Injected Motor
Owner: Dale Roberson
Speedcar NSW42
Built by Ric Stewart 1982 for Frank Baldozier  Autocraft VW.
Ran in the United States untill sold to Australia.
Came to Australia in 1990 owned by Terry Bennett.
Driven by Jerry Coons Jnr (USA) in Australia under Valvoline Banner.
Owner: Kevin Waite
1976 Edmunds 4 Bar
Chassis: LBM286
Engine:  Autocraft
Previous Drivers: Mel Kenyon, John Andretti

Owner: Paul Gregory
Litre Sprint Car
F/I Nissan 14 Engine
Gardner Chassis
Halibrand Quick Change
Ex Peter Englart
Owner: Lionel Elfverson
Powered by a 2 Litre Twin Cam Alfa Romeo.
McGee Fuel Injected.
Gardner Chassis
Halibrand Rear End

Owner: Gary White
1983 Gambler Low Bar
F/I Chevy V8